Thursday, January 30, 2014

TigerSnark Returns...on February 16th

Howdy, kids. How ya been? Me, you ask? Cold. Very cold. Mother Nature deserves AIDS.

It took a while, but I'm just about ready to return to making bad jokes about our favorite baseball team. Hooray for everything! It's almost time.

When will then be now?

TigerSnark will return WITH A VENGEANCE (?) on Sunday, Feburary 16th. Why then?

You'll see. Like an elephant, I never forget. I also frequently smell of poo. Feburary 16th, everyone.

Mark your calandars! Tell your friends and neighbors! Dust off those tired, poorly-thought-out Don Kelly jokes, everyone!

Your Party Host is nearly ready for another season of Tigertown hijinks. And we have much to discuss. OH HELL, we have much to discuss.

This is my 30th season watching Tigers baseball. They last won a World Series 31 seasons ago. This is not fair. I demand satisfaction.

See you soon.