Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Huge Reaction: ALCS Edition

The messiah of the clinically braindead, Bill Simonson, is back talking Tigers after a one week break from him. Aren’t we the lucky ones?

Last time we heard from Creepy Uncle Huge, he told us how the Tigers were too intense in their celebration of winning the AL Central, they needed two complete games in the ALDS to advance, and that he was initially against Jhonny Peralta being on the playoff roster.

What did his thimble-sized brain crank out this week? There’s only one way to find out.

Jim Leyland’s legacy in Detroit comes down to the next five games in this American League Championship Series against Boston.

I’ve been critical of Leyland quite a bit in the past on here for certain things he does that irritate me. But in 2006, the guy took over a franchise that had been left for dead and had showed no signs of life in nearly two decades. Since then, he’s taken the team to two World Series appearances, won the past three AL Central titles, and has led them to their third straight ALCS.

If Detroit falls to Boston, it’ll be a big disappointment to him, the players, and of course, Tigers fans everywhere. But it will not kill the legacy he has built over the past eight seasons.

The Tigers manager has to win this series or there is no way he can return.

Bull. I’d bet my house that Leyland would return next year if he wanted to. Three straight ALCS appearances and there’s “no way” he can return? That’s complete nonsense.

Look. I’m going to be completely honest here. I don’t want Leyland back in 2014, whether we win it all or not. His refusal to consider sabermetrics in his decisions and his infatuation with Don Kelly have put me over the edge with him. But I can’t argue with the team’s success, even if one wants to say that they would be successful with or without him.

The point is, Leyland will be back next season if he wants to.

Leyland’s over-managing of the final two innings of Game 2 is about as bad as baseball can get.

Grady Little disagrees.

I’m not talking about the typical early to midseason Leyland throwaway games that usually make it more of a pennant race than it should at the end of the year.

Examples? I didn’t think so. I can only assume this is Huge’s old BEST NINE argument that he pukes out occasionally that Leyland rests his regulars too often. Because, as you know, the other 29 teams play their starters in all 162 games of the year. Leyland is the only one that ever starts a backup.

This is about allowing the ALCS series to change by Leyland using four pitchers in that horrific eighth inning on Sunday night.

What if it worked? Many times, it has. But this time, none of the four relievers did their jobs properly. If even one of them did, none of this is even a talking point. Four relievers failed and this makes Leyland an asshole.

If Veras (who I have said should have been allowed to continue) would have gotten a 1-2-3 inning, Leyland’s a genius. He didn’t, and Smyly, AlAl, and Benoit followed with failure, so Leyland’s a pile of shit.

That’s moronic.

I guess he thought he was a baseball god by pulling Anibal Sanchez with a no-hitter in Game 1, so he thought he could do it again in Game 2.

Oh, eat a dead dog’s dick. Sanchez was at 116 pitches with 6 walks through 6 innings. He was done. What if he had allowed 1 hit at that point? Would that make a difference? Not if you have an active brain cell left in your head.

What Leyland did was allow the Red Sox to make this a series.

Yes, because the 97 win AL East Champion Boston Red Sox were ready to lie down and die unless Leyland went to his bullpen. Just stop.

Tigers starter Max Scherzer was in control. He had pitched a historic game. Leyland had no business running out four pitchers in the eighth inning.

Here, I agree. He should have stayed with his set-up guy, Jose Veras. If it got to Ortiz, go to Smyly.

He should have went to Al Alburquerque, then Drew Smyly against Boston slugger David Ortiz if the inning went that far.

AlAl? The human coin flip? I admit, when he’s good, he’s amazing. But too often, we’ve seen him be beyond awful. Dombrowski acquired the Astros closer to join Detroit’s bullpen for a reason. Part of that was because Alburquerque was dogshit much of the season.

The less I see Leyland coming out of a dugout during a game usually is a good thing for the Tigers.

Imagine that. If pitchers are good enough that new pitchers aren’t needed to be brought in, it’s usually a good thing for their team. Brilliant observation.

To get Phil Coke up in the bullpen in a tie ALCS game like he did Sunday should be a baseball crime.

No, repeatedly starting Don Kelly in playoff games should be a baseball crime. Getting a guy up in the bullpen is harmless.

Then, to not load the bases in the bottom of the ninth to set up the force at home and then the doubleplay to at least try and get out of the inning when he put a ground-ball pitcher like Rick Porcello in the game is typical of the Leyland throwaway baseball I have seen since he came to Detroit.

This is the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever read.

Also, it’s fucking stupid. Let’s set the stage. After the Tigers had a derp-fest on the field, Jonny Gomes in on third base with no outs. Jarrod Saltalamacchia is at the plate. Salty isn’t a very good hitter and neither is Stephen Drew, who followed him in the lineup. If you walk both of them to load the bases, you’re now facing Will Middlebrooks, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Shane Victorino.

Saltalamacchia struck out 139 times both in 2013 and 2012. Drew is 2-21 in the playoffs so far this year. I like my chances better facing them than the powerful Middlebrooks and the top of the Boston lineup. I’m guessing Leyland did, too. But it didn’t work out. Sometimes baseball is a bitch.

This time, though, he allowed Boston to gain control of this series. The Red Sox were two innings from being toast, done, and set to start thinking about their offseason plans.

Yes. The Red Sox have never come back from being down 2-0 before. Except for all the times in recent history that they have.

Then Leyland came along and managed two of the worst innings you’ll ever see in baseball.

He did let Kelly bat in the 9th. That fucker.

The pressure is on Leyland to manage his way out of this mess. He has done it before.

Just last year in the A’s series, he almost blew that for the city of Detroit with the way he handled the bullpen. This one is different. I feel the life breathed back into Boston on Sunday night could change this series.

Is this like Bill’s feeling that the Tigers need six complete games to win it all? That one is still my favorite.

The Tigers can’t lose this series to Boston, because all anyone will remember is how Leyland handled the end of Game 2.
Sure, we can pin some of the blame on Joaquin Benoit for serving up a fastball to Ortiz over the middle of the plate,

It was a changeup, you ignorant bucket of cow shit. Do you even watch the games?

but I center my anger on Leyland for letting what should have been a historic win for Scherzer and the Tigers into a series saver for Boston.

It’s 1-1. Not 3-1. No wonder the Tigers fanbase is 90% consisted of a bunch of Chicken Littles. This is who many of them get their information from.

You look at this payroll


and how good the starting pitching has been so far in this postseason. The Tigers and Leyland needed to ride their starters to get owner Mike Ilitch a ring.

They are, you moron. He’s pitching them as long as they can go. Sanchez was done in Game 1 after 6. Scherzer has admitted he was toast after 7 in Game 2. You’re inventing things that aren’t there. Seek medical help.

If the Tigers blow this Boston series, Leyland never will live down the meltdown in Game 2.

It’s funny to me that four Tigers relievers not doing their job is Leyland’s Legacy in Simonson’s world. Yet Bill is wrong about multiple things in EVERY article he pens, yet he thinks he’s a genius.

Bill Simonson is a delusional pile of shit. I’ll say it again, Huge. Seek help. You’re a menace to everyone around you. Go away forever.

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