Monday, April 29, 2013

Who's My Tiger? (April 2013)

Up next on the schedule is the Atlanta Braves (also known as the #BARVES). They've been the best team in the NL to start the season so far. Luckily, the NL is terrible. Maybe we can start one of those...what are they...oh yeah, a winning streak. –Me in my last post on Friday. You’re welcome.

While I’m waiting to do the next team preview (I know no one on the Astros...should be fun) or for someone to write something stupid to mock, here’s a quick look at the Tigers 25 man roster in order of my personal preference. I often get asked who my favorites are, so here you go.

Again, this isn’t in any order of ability, just who’s on my good/bad side this week for whatever reason.

1. Miguel Cabrera, 3B

He’s the best in the world at what he does. I love the guy as much as I can possibly love a non–Bobby Higginson player. Could watch him swing a bat all day.

2. Austin Jackson, CF

In nearly every game, I find something new that I love about the kid’s game. I’m proud to be one of the few that liked the Granderson trade when it happened. I get one right every now and then.

3. Max Scherzer, SP

Speaking of the Granderson trade. He’s a strikeout machine and an inspiration after what happened within his family last year. I don’t normally get caught up in the human interest side of the game, but Max is the exception. I’m proud to have him on my baseball team.

4. Doug Fister, SP

He’s the Jackson of the pitchers for me. I seem to notice something different every time he’s out there and he’s just fun to watch.

5. Justin Verlander, SP

He’s pretty good, too.

6. Victor Martinez, DH

It is a different lineup with him back, even with V-Mart off to a slow start. He’s too good not to break through eventually. The simple fact that he isn’t Delmon guarantees him a top ten spot no matter what.

7. Torii Hunter, RF

He’s making last season not look like a fluke so far. He’s a great guy and an amazing player. Glad I don’t have to boo him anymore. It’s kind of like Victor when he first joined the team.

8. Prince Fielder, 1B

He’s got the most violent swing I’ve ever seen, other than maybe Jeff Bagwell. I’m a big fan of that.

9. Drew Smyly, RP

I think he’ll be in the rotation before the season ends. For now, he’s been amazing out of the pen.

10. Jose Valverde, RP

Sue me. I still love the goofy bastard.

11. Anibal Sanchez, SP

He’s growing on me. The 17 strikeout game sure didn’t hurt.

12. Alex Avila, C

Beginning to get worried about him. I hope Leyland didn’t break him in 2011.

13. Rick Porcello, SP

I’d probably like him better if I was a 14 year old girl. But I still think his best is yet to come.

14. Darin Downs, RP

I’m always a sucker for a talented lefty out of the pen. Every team needs a Jamie Walker/Bobby Seay guy.

15. Al Alburquerque, RP

That slider is a thing of beauty. I just worry his arm is going to snap every time he throws it.

16. Omar Infante, 2B

Good start to the year and the best second baseman in Detroit since Polanco. That’s not saying much, though.

17. Bruce Rondon, RP

Zumaya 2.0 with a better ending? I hope.

18. Joaquin Benoit, RP

Get the ball down. Stop giving up homers, plz. I never feel safe with him on the mound with a one run lead. Yet I love Papa Grande. Go figure.

19. Jhonny Peralta, SS

I don’t dislike Jhonny. But I don’t really care much for him, either.

20. Andy Dirks, LF

The jury’s still out on him. Until homering against Minnesota, he’s looked like the sequel of the Clete Thomas experiment this year.

21. Phil Coke, RP

I don’t care much for Phil anymore. I have my reasons. (ominous music)

22. Brayan Pena, C

Nice guy, but I think sucks at framing pitches. He can’t hit, either. But I think he looks like the Miguel kid from the original “The Bad News Bears” and I find that mildly amusing.

23. Matt Tuiasosopo, OF

He’s awful in the outfield. But it’s nice to have some power on the bench for a change.

24. Ramon Santiago, IF

He’s finished. Sorry, Wee Ramon.

25. Don Kelly, UT

Get off my team, Don Kelly.

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